Learning Management System (LMS) Success

MPGWe were recently approached by a large company in the Motor Industry who were looking to invest in a Learning Management System (LMS). At this stage, they were becoming increasingly frustrated with, the extremely high costs involved, lack of integration with internal systems and once the other systems went live, could not be managed internally.

Why we use DotNetNuke

MPGBack in 2007, our search began for an open source web application and framework that could be used to create and develop commercial websites, corporate intranets and extranets, online publishing portals and custom vertical applications. We soon stumbled upon DotNetNuke and, since then, we haven’t looked back.

Footprint Group Website Launched

Footprint GroupFootprint Group was (and continues to be) a rapidly growing organisation who needed help to redevelop their website – and fast. Some ideas for workflow had been mapped out but the question was: Could this rather unique layout and design be incorporated into a content management system to allow the website to grow seamlessly in the future?

Match and Fill System for Training Providers

MPGThis is a good example of the kind of tailor-made solution Cyberdoor excels at. We were very excited when Footprint Group commissioned us to build a new web application aimed at matching prospective apprentices with employers. Several complex functionalities had to be incorporated to reach the desired solution.

Fair Finance Lending Disclosure Reports Released

Fair Finance Lending DisclosureFair Finance has been leading the calls for greater transparency and accountability of lending institutions since their first Disclosure Report in 2005. On a very limited budget we were able to produce a series of reports showing thier total lending portfolio, by putting all the data by geography, demography and ethnicity online for anyone to see.


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